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World Class Audio Mastering Services. Professional mastering for the independent artist's budget.


What we do… We will take your demo or final audio recording. We will apply professional mastering techniques using our experienced ears and high end mastering tools to deliver you a master, with punch, clarity, depth and detail… and of course with an optimum sound level.

Do you need it? EVERY single CD or Record in your collection has been mastered, and all of the big records, by a professional mastering engineer. If you want to sound professional and consistent with other music out there then YES you need to have your recording mastered.

The Results... Our goal is to master your music to the highest possible standard so that it stands out from the crowd.... Clean, Clear, Loud and Punchy

Customer Testimonials...

"Dude those tracks sound amazing!!! Great job! Punchy and fat, just like we like em' Your ears are golden"
BC of Million Kids

"I absolutely love your work. This is my first time working with you but it DEFINITELY won't be my last!"
Derrick Hearne - Chief Engineer 4 Seven Music Group Trilogy / CrazyRiffs Studio

"Thank you so much, greatly appreciated. Sounds better than I couldve imaged"
Arizz of II Shae

"me and my music group love your mastering work!", "we look forward to doing more business with you"
Boi P

"Everything came out perfect"
Masta Flo

"FANTASTIC!!!  You've really opened it up Shaun...sounds much more balanced now"
Matthew James Hardin

"Shaun has amazing ears and the professionalism to match. He is my go-to guy for mastering. Hands down, he is one of the best."
Shon Norman, President, SoundThought Recordings

//Before & After ~ Mastering Samples ...
  Before   After
> R & B  
> Alternative  
> Hard Rock  
> House Music  
> Rap Sample 1  
> Rap Sample 2  
> Reggaeton  
> Bluegrass  

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