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We have put together some of our frequently asked questions to help you get a better understanding of what we do and whether or not you need the services of a professional mastering engineer.
What is mastering?
Mastering is the final step before manufacturing. It's important to get the best sound quality of your tracks. Our job is to polish your mix master so that you get the best professional production master possible. Like everything else, it requires a great deal of skill to give you the results you want. It also requires specialty gear, which we have invested a great deal of money in obtaining. We use only the best converters, compressors and E.Q.'s during audio mastering. All editing is done in the digital domain until processing, when we then use analog gear to give "Warmth" and "Air" to the sound. After this, your song is converted back to digital using only the best converters.
How important is it?
ALL COMMERCIAL RECORDINGS ARE MASTERED! It's imperative and is the final stage in the process before you duplicate your recordings. Even if you've used the best equipment and good engineers during the production and mixdown, the mastering process is still a necessity to bring the sound quality of your project up to the highest quality possible.
What are the benefits of a good mastering job?
The listener will look forward to the next time he or she gets to listen to it it, tells his / her friends about it because it sounds great and fat - instead, of feeling "Sick and tired" of hearing it. Think of mastering as the "Polish" that makes your music sparkle. It's what gives your music the professional, "Big label" sound by bringing-out the best in it. This is vital because when the A & R manager has a big stack of demos to go through, he or she is going to give very few of them a serious listen.
Is mastering always necessary?
Often home productions are recorded and mixed under less than perfect acoustical conditions. We can use our experience and references to make the best descisions that will translate well to the real world. Our experience allows us to make major or subtle changes to make sure that when your music is listened to in different enviroments and on different playback devices, it is consistent with other commercial releases.
Will mastering fix a terrible mix?
It will vastly improve it but keep in mind that mastering can by no means completely fix terrible recordings and mixes.
Can i do it myself?
It takes a professional mastering engineer with years of knowledge and experience to know what to do to bring out the best in your recording. To get a master delivered at our quality and loudness it also takes a arsenal of high end and expensive processing equipment.
Why use Headroom for your mastering?
We will bring 'Fresh ears', a new, experienced and professional perspective when approaching the job We use the very best equipment
We have musical ears for EQ and emthasis of the musical tonality in your recording

We offer high end on a buget

You wont be disapointed!

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